Delivery & Transport Services

Moving help available with 100% no damage guarantee.  Delivery of small goods may be outsourced or you may choose to order from one of my home-based delivery services.  Will accept courier, catering or passenger delivery.  Process serving.  I will also take jobs for personal delivery jobs which require singing, poetry or some other action.


At this time we only cater to small orders.  We will be selling homemade desserts, meals, candies, beverages, oils and more for delivery or online.  We also offer food, mail or shopping delivery to your door!  All you need is a list of chores and we’ll do the rest guaranteed.  If you are moving and need someone to transport your car those services are also available.


Natural Supplements — Dog & Bird Houses — Home Made Stationary — Cakes — Cookies — Brownies — Pie — Seasoning — Various Oils — Nutrition Bars — Pet Food — Jewelry — Cabinets — Decorative Items — Clothing — Shrink Wrap Skins — Candles — Fragrances — Glassware —  Chocolates — Truffles — Taffy — Leather Items — Dream Catchers — Book Repair Items — Custom Costumes — Books & Media — Personalized Doorbells — Herb Gardens —  Custom Mouse Pads, Coffee Mugs, Engraved Items and Children’s Books.

And more to come….


Installation of water-saving shower heads, compost bins, farm animal enclosures, rainwater collection devices, alternative electrical options and electricity control options.  We can also do any normal home, pet or yard work using only natural cleaners.  We can also perform a household search for known hazardous items and suggest replacements if possible.


At the arcade, on the couch or during the next work meeting we can plan out the best competitive gaming parties that you could want.  We are constantly planning events for tournament play on Local Area Network, Console and Handheld.  We asses which games would be enjoyed more and then we serve out the prizes, the beverages and the owning will commence.  We keep the party moving smoothly for those of all skill levels as well as monitor Local Area Network games in progress.  Any location can be set-up for a gaming party.


Balloon Animal Artist, Hit With Pie Entertainer,  Snow Cone Server,  Bicycle Stunt Run, Craft Outlet, Old West Photo Booth, Cotton Candy Stand, Petting Zoo Area, Bounce House Operator, Gourmet Popcorn Stand, Cactus Hut. Bicycle Taxi, Crafts For Kids.  More To Come!


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