Technological Services Available

I offer technology based services in the areas of computer organization, computer tutoring and clean-up of old systems on Windows based systems only.


RSS feed set-up, media broadcasting software, shopping carts and store billing.  Video editing and manipulation using Adobe studio products.  HTML5, CSS & PHP based web pages, custom web templates, custom banner ads flash or non-flash.  Custom designed buttons, logos, backgrounds and more.  Use of Microsoft Web Development tools to add dynamic content such as e-mail sign-ups, chat boxes, server status notifications or simple entry and retrieval of user-submitted information. Java and Flash scripting are not available.  Message forums, image boards and SQL scripting are available on a limited basis and for most programming issues you may be referred to another company with which I am affiliated.

3D modeling for outdoor landscaping work, video ads, 3D characters, objects, and inventions.  Let’s see what we can bring to your advertising or creative project.

Photographic manipulation in Adobe studio programs & other image manipulation programs.  Tell us what you need and we’ll make sure that the images are original and fun.

Sound engineering and editing for any media type.  We can take your project from recording through editing to production and even copyrighting.  Noise reduction, vocal stripping, beat matching, mixing, sample editing and sound effect production are all available.  Let’s see how good you can sound!  We’ll take you from concept to high-definition sound with all the help of music theory to make your sound unique.


Tell us what you want and who you want there.  We’ll help you find who your looking for to join your webpage.  We provide monitoring services to keep your community fresh as well as link you into all the web’s top used social networking profiles.  Also available are new member incentives such as sweepstakes entries.  Consultation on traffic exchange, affiliate marketing and web based income can be shared as well to increase traffic.  Connecting with others has never been easier with our staff using all our search technology to scour the web for those people YOU want  access to.  Custom user profiles and uploading features can be added to the mix as well.


Low cost smartphone, mobile tablet, e-book reader & MP3 player repair.  Don’t let the phone company rip your off when you can fix your phone for a fraction of the cost!


We repair broken video game consoles from all generations for which parts are still available in the future a list will be made available here.  Don’t throw away a broken console!  If it is old enough it may be an antique and with a simple repair could be sold for more than the cost of repairs.  If you have broken video game console parts of any kind I am currently purchasing parts to repair other consoles.  If for some reason a console cannot be repaired we offer the option of selling the parts to us.

We offer the following gaming modifications.  Custom built wireless controllers for older systems with an included lifetime warranty.  Case modifications to install glass, easy entry panels or coolant and lighting systems.  Easy switching for various consoles.

If you have a lot of video games but want the originals to be secure we can set-up your own custom video arcade which can be stored on your computer for easy and fun access to all of your games with rotating menus, custom game and console graphics and preview videos.  We can set-up this system for virtually any console and we will give you a lifetime support certificate so upgrading your files will be as easy as can be.  In order to perform this service you MUST own the games you wish to include in the system and for anti-piracy purposes your original copies should ideally be photographed, logged and kept at hand.  You may be asked to prove that you own things in their original form.  If you don’t you may get into legal trouble.  If you just want the arcade but have fewer games than most we can help you customize the system with free games of your interest.


If you are setting up a new computer, webcam, wireless network, website, printer or other PC device get it done right!  We offer easy set-up of all electronic equipment and can set-up firewalls, computer security software, routers, home theater home computers.  Virtual network access can be optimized to share files securely between computers and smart mobile devices so you can control your computers and network devices on the go.  Basic set-up of other services such as voice over IP, Outlook E-Mail and system recovery settings can also be set-up along with your video game systems, surround sound or digital video recorder.  We can set-up security systems which can be observed from a mobile device as well as control almost any electronic device from your PC depending on supplies available.  I guarantee I can get most of your disc media stored legally and securely.  Methods are used which organize movies, music or video games by various searchable categories and search terms.  You WILL be satisfied with being able to click instead of look through DVD piles.


If you have been noticing a slowdown in your computer it can be fixed and can be kept that way.  If you are unsure of your computer’s speed problem or are not familiar with file system structures please view this video to learn more about what you’re going through.

So before you give up on a slow PC give us a call, you won’t pay for anything unless an improvement is made to you computer.  Specializing in cleaning out space, increasing boot time and minimizing memory issues. Taking preventative action to keep your computer running smoothly is the final step to helping you save time.  I will perform this service free of charge and consultations will be tailored to your needs.  Do you want to know exactly what I’m doing and how I’m keeping your files safe.  If your activities require website uploads and posting on a regular basis we are here for you.  We will keep your files safe and make sure they get to where YOU need them with announcements sent to you as work is completed.

Finally for those who have to many website accounts and have problems remembering passwords we can easily set-up secure storage areas to back-up your accounts.  Don’t ever click “Send Me My Password” again!  We can also help install software to maximize your productivity by installing free software to help you save time no matter what you do online.  These services come with free customer service follow-up if additional assistance is required in the future.  Whether you are selling products online or trying to run your own business we can help you work better for cheap!


If your e-mail account is getting crowded we can either clean your inbox using our free software solution or help you in moving to another e-mail provider.  We can also clean up social networking profiles, instant messengers and other online profiles.

Anything that is a form of media can be copied and backed-up legally and products that may wear out will be safe on the internet.  If you have pictures, business cards, holiday cards, maps, legal documents, vacation souvenirs, video games, music, save files, home videos, DVD disks, maps, Blu-Ray disks or even vinyl records.  These files can all be secure on your computer and keep your original copies secure for backup.  Our work is guaranteed and as such, we are offering secure shredding services or fire-proof safe options for those who wish to throw away their junk or keep it safe from disasters.  Tailored specifically to how you want to be organized.  Don’t know how?  I can help with that too!  If I haven’t made your life easier I am not doing my best.    I make note of all files processed before hand and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!  Your data will ALWAYS be safe and SECURE.  I will not accept payment until I know you are satisfied.

I offer clean-up services for computer files that may be cluttered from lots of use.  Music and picture files can be renamed.  E-Mail inboxs can be organized and documents can be edited.  For those who need assistance with consolidating photographs or other memories such as cards or certificates we offer digital photo album creation with customized menus and animations so that you can share your memories easily and quickly.  If animated photo albums are not enough for you, we can create scrapbooks, vacation albums, baby albums and full media sharing websites.  Family trees are also available for those who wish to preserve their history forever.

If you have a lot of music CD’s and want them organized efficiently and quickly on your MP3 player we can complete your project from CD ripping to updated player.  The same can be done with DVD movies that you wish to upload to a Home Theater Computer.  Files can be managed for cellphones, tablets, digital cameras, home networks & E-Book readers.

Scanning services can help you reduce all of your paperwork clutter and keep you up-to-date with easy to use backup services to make sure your data is always safe.  Any letter can be scanned into your computer.  We can also scan business cards, photographs and even recipe cards.  All work is done on a by-piece basis and backed up for life, for free.

Privacy is my main concern for the customer so files that should not be accessed will first be locked and will not be seen.  All work performed will have a form signed stating that any misuse of your personal property will result in prosecution and monetary compensation.


I offer beginners technology tutoring to first-time or intermediate PC users.  I can instruct young and old a like with custom lesson plans to keep the customer learning at a pace that is not too difficult.  If you have an older relative that you would like to get online I can teach them and set-up a system for their continued ease of use.  If they can’t program a VCR I will have them on the web faster than you’d think.  All lessons for children will be protected by internet browser filtering and your child will be left with projects of their interest to pursue.  I also offer a 24-Hour phone line for free one-on-one support if something was forgotten during our last visit.  We can even monitor your computer remotely and perform complex tasks for beginning users over the internet anytime 24-7.  I can offer introductory tutoring on the subjects of SQL servers, web engineering, level design,texture creation, menu design, flash animation, 3D animation and website design document creation.

Want to join an online website or create a personal profile?  We can offer profile set-up services and will custom tailor your online image to your liking.  Remember that the internet, is open to all and if you want to make a good impression you have to be careful with what you say to who.  Because of this we will personalize your public profile to show you in your best light and keep unwanted people from being able to read your more personal thoughts.  Once you put something on the internet it can stay there forever but your unwanted pages can be easily edited to be nearly impossible to find in a search.  Please call for a consultation if your online life has become victim to hackers who are attempting to ruin your reputation.  These hackers may continue to exploit your apparent vulnerability.  Taking action against these hackers is important for the people who attempt to search for your name or website online.



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