About The Company

As a growing business in tough economic times I choose to make money the only way I know how. My business may specialize in many areas but I will be focusing on industries where I can use my strength and skills to earn money. Rather than worrying about loans and overhead I’m going to put complete faith in my customers to take advantage of my early customer discounts, freebies and memberships.

I have no business license but am extremely reliable, if you have problems letting people into your home who you do not trust that is understandable and I will prefer full body searches of myself if requested. I would also not mind working while you are at home. Don’t worry I won’t bug your neighbors.​​

​​Freer Services has been in business since January 26th 2012 and specializes in aspects of Home & Garden Care, Gift & Food Production and various technological and tour guide services.

Because I want this business to succeed so badly I’m guarenteeing all work done to be 100% covered in case of unforseen problems. If you want to be involved in a ground floor investment oppurtunity you will receive a free co-owner membership while space lasts. This will entitle you to massive discounts free reward coupons and more. All I ask is that you let me do some work for me and if you aren’t satisfied I will give you a free gift certificate for something more suitable to my skill level.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me.​ and ask about my free offers for first time customers. We will not only do your job we’ll help you understand our practices and methods so you can be self-sufficient.


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